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e-Commerce Shipping & Returns to Canada and globally.

Unlock global market potential with Asendia USA’s innovative e-commerce shipping and returns solutions, designed for fashion, health & beauty, consumer electronics, and subscription boxes.

Shipping to Canada and globally: For an e-commerce seller, shipping to customers outside their domestic profile can be challenging – from strategic planning, customs, logistics, shipping costs, technology, compliance to returns. Asendia USA can be your valuable partner in overcoming these challenges and more!

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e-Commerce shipping from the USA to Canada and Internationally!

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    e-PAQ Shipping Solutions to Canada

    With Canada direct entry solutions, our clients reap the benefits of international expansion with tangible advantages over other economies. The optimized private delivery network available through our Direct Access solution maximizes efficiency, improves performance, and offers cost savings.

    Features & Benefits of e-PAQ Select: Canada DDP

    • Optimized delivery network
    • Multiple entry points
    • Streamlined delivery
    • Volume-based rates
    • Advance shipping notification
    • Signature on demand
    • Three maximum delivery attempts
    • Rescheduled delivery if addressee not home
    • Option for Safe Drop

    Asendia e-PAQ Returns Solution

    An end-to-end returns platform to bring goods back to your facility quickly will ultimately drive sales and customer retention with hassle-free returns and fast refunds.

    A customized returns dashboard for retailers offers real-time analytics your business needs to learn why customers are returning items.

    Convenient & simple returns process with a shopper-friendly online portal – in-country logistics options that include high-density drop-off locations, print in-store labelling options, live tracking, and automated notifications for refunds.

    Decrease the cost of international returns with certified destruction, recycling, reselling, or donation options for disposal.

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