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e-Commerce shipping from the USA to Canada and Internationally!

Unlock global market potential with Asendia's innovative e-commerce and mailing solutions, designed to optimize your operations while providing cost-saving benefits

Expand your Global e-Commerce Footprint with Asendia USA Asendia USA is an international shipping provider that offers solutions for US-based e-Tailers shipping across borders to Canada and globally. Our consultative solutions approach is the reason why our customers – e-Tailers, Fulfillment companies and SubBox providers - have chosen Asendia for their international shipping program.

Shipping Options at your Fingertips: Your choice to ship either DDU or DDP. We will handle all the details including cost-effective international postage that meets your mailing budget.

International Expertise: Shipping internationally can be complex due to customs clearance regulations, duties and taxes, and various logistics issues. Our expertise can help ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process to your consumers by ensuring repeat orders.

Reliable Service: Our goal is to provide reliable shipping services, including tracking visibility, so both the sender and the recipient can keep track of the shipment's progress. Reliability is crucial when shipping valuable or time-sensitive items.

Customer Support: Good customer support can be crucial when dealing with international shipments. Our national Customer Care team can help answer questions, address concerns, and provide assistance throughout the shipping process.

Scale Your Business

e-Commerce shipping from the USA to Canada and Internationally!

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