Easy e-Commerce Shipping from the USA to Switzerland!

Are you shipping more than 400 packages a month to Switzerland? Asendia can decrease costs and help achieve e-commerce success in the Swiss market.

Swiss e-commerce expertise is a part of Asendia’s heritage. That is why we are the number one choice for e-commerce parcel delivery and mail services to Switzerland. Mailbox Plus from Swiss Post delivers customer packages as letters which yields significant savings on delivery costs. Offering customers full transparency right from the moment they order – customs, taxes, and fees pre-paid in advance of delivery.

Our Solution

Letter and parcel channel in one: Mailbox Plus Our logistics solution Mailbox Plus enables low-cost shipping to Switzerland by combining the letter and parcel channels. We process up to 4.4 lbs of letters and parcels together as a part of the same process by sending smaller formats cheaply in the letter channel, while sending larger formats in the parcel channel. * *Contact us for more details.

Shorten delivery times: Our solution significantly shortens the transit times of shipments to Switzerland through efficient pre-collection and automated customs clearance. Transits from the US will average 6 days or less with end-to-end tracking visibility for your recipients.

Simplify customs clearance: We transmit customs clearance data automatically and forward it for customs clearance. All customs duties and value added tax are collected in advance by Swiss customs. This makes export to Switzerland much easier and recipients happier!

Optimize delivery quality: Thanks to pre-clearance, shipments will be delivered to your recipient’s front door without additional payment being required, PLUS packages can be delivered if the recipient is not at home. This increases the first delivery rate enormously.

Customer Support: Good customer support can be crucial when dealing with international shipments. Our national Customer Care team can help answer questions, address concerns, and assist throughout the shipping process.

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    Our Solution

    Since 2021, all Swiss Post consignments have offset carbon emissions.

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