Customs Clearance Services

Offer shoppers a smooth customs clearance process and transparent prices to accelerate your growth in many markets.

Time and time again, consumer surveys show that shoppers concerns about customs charges and delays put them off from making purchases from other countries.

With the customs clearance solutions available with our delivery services, supported by our own technology, we can reduce this friction and boost your conversion rates. Developing our own technology means we can be flexible to your needs, and adapt to new delivery expectations and regulations quickly.

DDP and DAP solutions

Choose what's best for your shoppers in any particular country, and what suits your business

Paperless & user-friendly

Our customs clearance technology simplifies the process for you and your shoppers

Boost your conversions

Presenting product prices with duties and taxes included upfront can have a big impact on sales

Customs clearance

We provide two options, so you can choose what works best for your shoppers and your business in countries around the world.

Depending on the destination country, the delivery service and your individual business needs, we offer both Customs Pre-paid (Delivered Duty Paid “DDP”) and Customs Paid At Destination (Delivered at Place “DAP”, formerly Delivered Duty Unpaid “DDU”) solutions.

What is Customs Pre-paid (DDP)?

With Customs Pre-paid services, parcels are delivered to your customers and any duty and taxes are invoiced back to you. You can include these anticipated costs in your selling prices – or as an additional upfront payment request – so you don’t lose out, and your shopper can see a fully-landed price on your website, and has no surprise additional costs when their parcel arrives. 

What is Customs Paid At Destination (DDU/DAP)?

For Customs Paid At Destination services, customers pay their own taxes, duties, and fees through our secure portal. They can also securely upload their ID if this is a customs requirement within their country. This process takes longer and is more involved for the shopper, but in some markets and for some order values it is the preferred solution.

How does our paperless customs clearance solution work?

Our customs clearance portal collects duty, taxes, and ID on behalf of your customers so their parcels can clear customs swiftly.

Our paperless system offers early notification to local customs offices once items are in transit, reducing the potential for delays.

We enable you to quickly view which orders are awaiting customer action or customs approval. Parcels can be held during ID upload and while duty payments are being collected. If the customer fails to do this, there are no returns to be managed, supporting your corporate social responsibility.

What is the shopper's experience?

Quick and easy process

Receives customized emails designed with your branding

Multiple payment options available including PayPal

All customer service enquiries are fully tracked

Parcels with charges still unpaid within 30 days will be returned

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