Outside the Box with Asendia USA Podcast

Part Deux - Canada, eh? e-Commerce Strategies for Shipping in Canada

Our co-hosts, John Walsh and Nick Agnetti with our special guest, Dave Mays, CEO Broadreach, an Asendia company, discuss the Canadian advantage of growing and evolving your e-Commerce business without dramatic supply chain disruption.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the latest shipping logistics, this podcast is for you. LISTEN TO THE ASENDIA PODCAST HERE

Conversation Points

Shipping by Industry

Sustainable Shipping Practices

Regulations and Compliance

eCommerce Logistics

International Shipping

Global Trade and more!

Listen to “Outside the Box with Asendia USA” and learn how your business can be competitive by staying up to date with new regulations, pricing and expanding your global footprint with Asendia USA.

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